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  • easy to use (no OpenGL knowledge required)
  • easy to extend and customize (may require OpenGL knowledge depending on your needs)
  • cross platform (currently Linux and Mac OS X)
  • moderate hardware requirements (an OpenGL 2.0 compatible graphics card is good enough)
  • fully object oriented design
  • scene based (no need to work with the burden of a scene graph)
  • predefined geometric meshes like box, sphere, cone, torus, etc.
  • support for common image file formats to use as textures like png, tif, jpeg, etc.
  • Wavefront .obj file format loading (the mesh must be triangulated)
  • GLSL shader support
  • helper functions for intersection testing
  • basic support for GTOPO30 and GLOBE data

Work in progress:

  • video playback on textures
  • realtime shadows
  • Windows and BSD support
  • improved render-to-texture functionality
  • easier to use animation of realtime deformable meshes
  • improved GTOPO30 and GLOBE support
  • more examples
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Page last modified on November 13, 2009, at 05:09 AM